Sedef LC

Sedef is a light curing resin based gingival barrier in syringe applicator. It quickly and easily seals the margins to protect soft tissues during whitening treatment and other procedures

Sedef is a passively adhesive (sealing) methacrylate-based resin barrier used for isolating tissue adjacent to teeth being whitened. For single-tooth bleaching, Sedef may be used to protect adjacent teeth. Sedef is light reflecting to minimize heat and tissue sensitivity during curing.

Sedef is resin barriers used to isolate and protect soft tissue with an impervious seal. They apply directly and remove easily, giving you peace of mind without sacrificing efficiency or patient comfort. The unmistakable color of Sedef contrasts perfectly with teeth, gingiva, and Sedef gel, making it ideal for use during in-office whitening procedures.

- Protects soft tissue with impervious seal
- Viscous solution is easy to apply
- Light-reflective properties focus heat away from the teeth and gingiva for patient comfort
- Applies directly