Motif LC

Light Cure Pattern Resin
- Ready-to-use.
- Single component material for use as a modelling gel and paste
- Light cured
- Burns out without residue
- Direct application from syringe (gel form)
- Easily moulded into shape with consistency (paste form)
- Polymerizes under UV light (320-480 nm)
- Can easily be trimmed both by the micro engine and by milling devices after the final curing.

Item No.      Description                                              Sheet/Package                
MTF-GS2    Motif Pattern Resin LC Gel - 2x2,4ml              Syringe
MTF-GS10  Motif Pattern Resin LC Gel - 10x2,4ml            Syringe
MTF-PJ2     Motif Pattern Resin LC Paste - 2x25ml              Jar